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Installation, maintenance and repair costs included.

A range of furnace rental options to fit your budget.

Get 6 months off your rental fees PLUS a $1000 prepaid credit card when you rent a new Furnace and AC

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Need a New Furnace? Furnace Rental is a Great Option

Renting a furnace through Pinnacle AdvantageTM is a hassle-free, convenient option for homeowners who don’t want to worry about any upfront payments, replacement or maintenance costs, or expensive service calls.

Zero up-front costs

Through our Pinnacle AdvantageTM rental program, you can get new high-efficiency equipment for $0 upfront.*

No cost for repairs

Repairs for the lifetime of your equipment, plus priority appointment booking with same-day service.1


Maintenance on your rental furnace every two years for the life of your equipment.

See our Buyer’s Guide to learn more about furnace types, repair costs and maintenance tips.

What You Get When Buying Vs. Renting A Furnace

Not sure whether to buy or rent a furnace? Consider the following:

Feature Purchase Rental with Pinnacle Advantage™ Rental with Pinnacle Smarter Advantage™
$5,000 to $7,000+ including standard installation and 1-year warranty
Starting from $94 per month
Starting from $106 per month
Installation charges
Included in above price
Maintenance costs
Not Included
furnace repair costs
Not included after Manufacturer’s
who owns the furnace?
Extended warranty
Extra costs
Agreement length
Life of equipment
Life of equipment
Pinnacle Smarter Home®Essentials
package, including a smart thermostat and HVAC performance monitoring
Same-day service on breakdowns if you call before 5 p.m.1

Table outlining the features and price differences between purchasing, rental with Pinnacle, Pinnacle Advantage™, and Rental with Pinnacle Smarter Advantage™

Why Choose Pinnacle When Renting A New Furnace

There are five main reasons to pick Pinnacle for your next furnace replacement:

We carry makes and models from industry-leading high-efficiency furnace manufacturers.

We’ll help you find and customize a heating solution suited to your home’s size and family’s needs.

We’re furnace installation experts. We hire only licensed technicians and secure all permits to speed up the work.

No surprises. The price we quote is the price you pay, including full installation.

We offer a range of rental options to fit your budget.

Heating Solutions Customized To Your Home

Our Energy Management Consultants (EMCs) work closely with you to design the best heating solution for your home. They bring years of experience in the HVAC industry to our no-cost, no-obligation furnace assessments. When they visit your home, they look at every aspect of your furnace replacement requirements: the age of your home, the insulation in your walls, the number of windows and doors and more. They then provide fixed-price quotes and payment options for the ideal new furnace for your home.

How An In-Home Assessment Works

Step 1

Call us to schedule your free in-home assessment of your heating system with an EMC.

Step 2

The EMC visits your home to conduct the initial assessment and make recommendations.

Step 3

The EMC does one final inspection and answers any questions before installation begins.

What Else to Consider Before Renting a Furnace

Get your ducts and vents cleaned

Before renting a new furnace, you should have any dust and debris in your ventilation system removed to ensure optimal performance of your new heating equipment.

Don’t forget about indoor air quality

To make the air inside your home safer and cleaner, consider adding a HEPA air filtration system, ultraviolet (UV) light system or ventilator as part of your furnace upgrade.

Think about replacing your AC, too

If you’re replacing a furnace that’s more than 15 years old, you should also consider upgrading your air conditioner at the same time to ensure full compatibility across all your HVAC equipment.

Frequently Asked Furnace Questions

Ultimately, buying or renting a furnace comes down to two factors: cost and maintenance. If you don’t want to worry about the costs of annual maintenance and eventual repairs, then renting is likely the best option for you.

Yes. Please refer to the terms in your rental agreement related to equipment buyout.

It lasts the life of the equipment, which is typically 15 years with maintenance completed every two years. The maintenance is included in your rental agreement.

If your Pinnacle AdvantageTM equipment is non-operational and we are unable to repair the equipment, we will replace the equipment under a new agreement at no cost to you under your current rental agreement.*

We carry industry leading makes and models including Carrier, Lennox and Amana.

Think Buying A Furnace Might Be a Better Option For You?