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Cleaner Water With Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis gives you water that’s free of chemicals and other contaminants. Pinnacle can set you up with a reliable, effective made-in-Canada reverse osmosis system — with no-fee installation^.

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What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water treatment and purification process that uses carbon filters, a semipermeable membrane and a high-pressure pump to remove up to 96% of dissolved salts and suspended metals from your water.

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Why Consider Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a great option for anyone who wants safer and cleaner-tasting water from one sink in your home. Here’s what the reverse osmosis solution carried at Pinnacle can do for you:

What it Does

Powerful purification

Reverse osmosis removes sediment, dirt, sand and silt plus up to 96% of dissolved salts, chemicals and metals such as lead, chlorine, arsenic, copper, barium and nitrates.

Easy maintenance

Replacing a reverse osmosis filter is simple and quick to do, requiring no special tools or messy cleanup.

High volume

Evercare’s reverse osmosis system can filter up to 75 gallons of water a day.

Stylish designs

Our reverse osmosis faucets come in a modern or antique style with brushed nickel, matte black or chrome finishes to suit any décor.

What You Gain

Everything tastes better

Reverse osmosis water has no odour — so it tastes better straight out of the tap. And because it’s free of salt, chlorine and other chemicals, your coffee and cooking taste better, too

Better for the planet

A continuous supply of pure and clean water in your home eliminates the need for water in plastic bottles — 10 million tons of plastic get dumped in the ocean every year.1

More cost-effective

You can save more than 43% compared to buying bottled water.2

More convenient

With fresh water direct from your RO tap, reverse osmosis eliminates the constant need to buy, transport and store bottled water.

Pinnacle's Reverse Osmosis System

5-stage RO filter ($26.99/month)

Made with pride in Barrie, Ontario, our 5-stage reverse osmosis system uses semi-permeable membranes to deliver pure, clean water and includes free filters throughout the lifetime of the equipment***


Why Choose Pinnacle for Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

When you choose Pinnacle for your reverse osmosis system, you get:

Installation included with every rental — no hidden costs.* Free repairs and maintenance over the life of your equipment.** Includes filters and membranes at no extra charge***

Service from trained and professional plumbers who can install and maintain your equipment to ensure it works properly.

Competitive monthly rental fees and flexible payment options.

Canadian-made technology that’s CSA- and NSF-certified.

Excellent warranties direct from the manufacturer.

A customer support centre that’s available to take your calls 24/7.

100% new units never refurbished or previously owned. 

Even Better with a Water Softener

Complementing reverse osmosis with a water softener system can make your water even better by removing minerals like calcium and magnesium before it reaches your reverse osmosis system. This also helps prolong the life of your reverse osmosis membrane.

Free Water Quality Test

Call for a free water quality test with an Pinnacle Water Sales Consultant to learn if it’s right for you.

Water Treatment Options

Common Questions About Reverse Osmosis

No, because in Canada, water is a minor source of minerals compared to foods. Government of Canada guidelines say if you consume a reasonably balanced diet, you do not need to take mineral supplements when drinking water treated with reverse osmosis.^

With an Enercare Reverse Osmosis system you will need to replace the filters and membranes when we provide them to you at no extra charge. Our filter and membrane replacement schedule:
  • Turbidity filter – every 1 year
  • First Carbon coconut shell filter – every 1 year
  • Second Carbon coconut shell filter – every 3 years
  • RO membrane – every 3 years
  • Polishing coconut shell filter – every 9 years

If properly maintained by changing the filters as per manufacturer guidelines, a reverse osmosis system should last a very long time.  

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